Consciously creative


At Blackwood we make our living out of being creative. It’s why our clients come back to us again and again for help with their communications design and ideas for reaching wider audiences.

We work collaboratively with clients and we love it when they share their creative ideas with us. If you’re thinking about enhancing one, or all of your communications, and you’d like to play a more creative part, here are some tips for tapping into your creative being…

Be open about what creativity looks like for you

It doesn’t just mean being a genius with a paintbox or PaintShop Pro, it can mean growing plants, doing pottery or planning a weekend away. Just trying something new and seeing where it takes you can open up a whole new world of creativity.

There’s a time and a place to be a grown-up. And there’s a time and a place to play. Doing arty crafty things with my two-year-old helps me to tap into my playful side. In fact, just talking to her helps me to see the world differently.

Sally Motson

Make time to be creative

If you spend a long time commuting to work on public transport, start using the time to day dream. Or how about downloading a language app and learning a new language? Learn when you’re at your freshest (are you a morning or an evening person?) and make time to be creative then.

I do a lot of thinking on my 45 minute walk into work. It sets me up for the day and helps to avoid creative block.

Andy Ritchie

Get some inspiration from creative thinkers

Develop a creative reference library of art and design books – we’ve done just that in our studio. You might also want to add to it with books by authors renowned for their unique approaches (Virginia Woolf and James Joyce famously used unconventional writing styles).  How about reading autobiographies of entrepreneurs, artists, actors, photographers or musicians and trying to think in the same way as them?

Do nothing

Regularly make time to slow down, zone out, let your mind wonder and relax. Few good ideas emerge when you’re stressed. Meditation can open up new ways of thinking and expression, while some people find exercise a chance to unwind. But make sure you get enough sleep. Studies have shown that a lack of sleep stifles creativity.

If I have a particularly difficult work challenge, I’ll think about it right before I fall asleep. More often than not, I find I’ve a solution in my head when I wake up the next morning!

Jon Brain

Venture outside your comfort zone

That’s where you properly grow as a human being, and that’s where creativity happens. Eat new types of food, visit new places, go to new galleries, read different types of books, do something that puts you in the orbit of people you wouldn’t normally meet.

Have fun

Physical fun, verbal fun, artistic fun. Or just make something with your children’s Lego. Happiness and creativity cohabit.

Combine existing ideas or styles.

Merging the two together creates something new – look at how cooking and even art have evolved.

Use the internet.

Flickr and Instagram can be great if you’re after visual inspiration. The website ffffound is often updated with user-submitted visuals.

Capture your ideas.

Carry around a notebook and pen, or use your cameraphone for more than taking selfies. Capture your ideas and inspiring sights whenever you have/see them.

Creativity gives you meaning and purpose. When we’re tapping into our creativity, we’re accessing our true potential. How do you tap into your creativity? Share your ideas and suggestions – and success stories with us at