How Blackwood gives you more


At Blackwood, we’re big believers in value for money and we always aim to give you a great return on your investment with us. We make everything we produce for you easy for your own teams to pick up and run with, and our practical, bitesize training sessions are a great way to help them get started.

We’ve had a fantastic response from everyone who attended your workshop. As well as finding it incredibly useful, they thoroughly enjoyed it, which is half the battle. The team is now really engaged, motivated and well equipped to write strong copy in our new tone of voice.

Marketing director, financial services

In today’s world, you need to make every penny you spend go further. We spend time tracking how well the new website we’ve created for you is working, or how effective your new corporate report or rebrand is being – it’s the third and final part of our working model, the Blackwheel. However, you need to continue to reap the business benefits of beautiful and effective design and content well into the future.

That’s why we often include a training element in our projects, giving your in-house teams the skills and understanding to deliver long-term meaningful and measurable results. While this is particularly popular with our clients in the third sector, it enables clients in every industry to get the most out of their investment with Blackwood.

We always begin a project with an audit and assess phase, which enables us to understand what’s required and where the gaps are. We’re therefore able to make our training completely bespoke to your needs.

What training do we provide?

  • Content management systems: While every new website we produce is built on a user-friendly content management system, we also train key staff in how to use the system. That way they can update site content themselves, keeping it fresh and interesting. Jez has recently delivered CMS training to a religious charity.
  • Tone of voice/writing/editorial: If we’ve created a new tone of voice, it makes sense for us to share practical tips and guidance with whoever will be writing in this new style so they can recreate it with confidence. Sally has just delivered plain English and tone of voice training to a range of in-house teams at a leading financial services company.

How adults learn

How often have you heard that children absorb knowledge ‘like sponges’? Things work a bit differently for adults! To ensure that learning takes place, you’ll need to factor in different learning styles – auditory (learning by listening), visual (learning by seeing) and kinesthetic (learning by doing) – and create the ‘ideal conditions’ for learning to happen…

  • “I learn when challenged by problems rather than merely hearing about solutions.”
    Demonstrate how the training will enable learners to solve practical problems, then give them a chance to try it themselves. Connecting training with the work they do is key.
  • “I learn when I am involved in planning my development.”
    If a person understands the role that training plays in their development, they’ll be fully engaged in it. They’ll understand the ‘what’s in it for me?’.
  • “I learn through action and reflecting on ways to improve my practice.”
    Give people plenty of opportunities in the training room to practise their new skills, applying them to relevant scenarios. If you don’t involve them, learning won’t happen.
  • “I learn when the subject is relevant and is something I care about.”
    People need to see that what they are learning is significant to them and to their jobs and lives. Make sure you repeatedly reinforce how the training activities are important and helpful to them.

What to expect

True to Blackwood form, our training is delivered in a down to earth, practical and jargon-free way. Sessions are short and accompanied by user guides and session plans for teams and in-house trainers to refer to later. There are practical exercises to support learning and different learning styles. Ultimately our aim is for everyone attending our training to leave feeling fired up, not furrow-browed.

If you’d like to know more about how we can support you with design, CMS and content training, contact us.

We also have some handy 5-step guides from anything to writing effective editorial content to understanding website content management systems. Just go to our downloads menu to access these useful documents.