Our work continues without disruption


While the doors of the studio are closed to protect our staff and their families from the COVID-19 virus, rest assured, it is very much business as usual at Blackwood

All the team here thank you for your continued support and we extend our well wishes to you, your colleagues and families throughout this time.

When the Covid-19 virus began its progress through Europe and the UK, we implemented our Health and Safety plan to protect all Blackwood staff. We switched to working from home and this will continue until further notice.

During this time our work continues without disruption. We have the equipment and functionality in place to ensure continued client support:

  • All members of Blackwood have the capability to work effectively from home in terms of their IT equipment and server accessibility
  • We operate the latest digital cloud-based POE telephone system meaning our phone lines and numbers remain unaffected, even when plugged in at home
  • We connect to our work servers daily via our own Virtual Personal Network (VPN), which means that all of our work is secure and encrypted when accessed remotely
  • Our individual machines are also backed up to personal portable external drives
  • Our servers are backed up several times throughout each day and will continue to do so even if unattended
  • We employ a specialist third-party MAC OSX server team to provide us with 24-hr server monitoring, prioritised technical support, remote location IT support and individual user support
  • While we are physically fit and healthy, our working practices and IT capabilities are tried and tested, ensuring we can continue to support all of our clients during the ongoing pandemic.

Blackwood staff are currently working from home and will continue to do so until further notice.