Enhancing sustainability with imagination


This international brewing giant asked us to capture their wealth of sustainability information into a dynamic and intuitive tool that could be used by internal teams and viewed externally to demonstrate their positive stories around sustainability worldwide.


When we began working with SABMiller they were clear that they needed a digital solution. Only an online tool would enable them to tell their sustainability story and make their wealth of related data accessible to internal and external audiences worldwide. They had a lot of information but printed reports and presentations weren’t doing it justice. They needed a better way to highlight key points and make comparisons between their countries of operation.


Blackwood designed, built and updated a dynamic, accessible and intuitive online tool to enable the client to provide accurate, comparable sustainability data in an engaging format.

This sustainable assessment matrix tool provides a top-line summary of sustainability information for stakeholders around such issues as water usage, education, carbon efficiency and waste. New data can be fed into the tool as it becomes available, enabling users to monitor the company’s progress and performance through an always-open window onto its sustainability practices.

An easy and powerful tool to use, the matrix enables the user to select the information they see: accessing data by country or by issue. The data can be displayed in different ways, depending on preference.

The matrix offers versatile and adaptable functionality that’s the perfect solution for highlighting such important subject matter. It goes to show what you can do with lots of data in the digital space.

Jez Webb


The sustainable assessment matrix signalled a ground-breaking approach to sustainability reporting for the client which has gone from strength to strength.