Giving a face to a global game-changer


In 2018, our growing international reputation led to us being invited to write and design the first annual report for the Lives and Livelihoods Fund (LLF) – a multilateral development initiative with huge ambition, and some heavyweight donors. 2019 saw us build on this achievement and grow our client relationship with their second annual report.


The LLF finances projects in health, agriculture and infrastructure to help people in some of the world’s poorest countries to lift themselves out of poverty. Running from 2016 until 2020, it will make up to US$2.5 billion in finance available to poor countries for essential development projects. The LLF finances projects using lending capital from the IsDB and grants from donor organisations, including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It is one of the largest development initiatives of its kind in the world.

Blackwood was initially commissioned to create the LLF’s first corporate report – an annual report for 2017. Well received by the client and donors alike, we were entrusted to take the design forward again for 2018. The client wanted to have a visually stunning document that would demonstrate how it works, capture its achievements, outline its intentions, and attract potential new donors.


The client was new to producing annual reports, so we worked closely with them throughout the process to provide guidance on key elements. The LLF is managed by a small team, so we wrote much of the report content to help reduce the pressure on them. It also has a number of extremely high-profile donors, and we understood the need to accommodate all viewpoints in the creation of the report. As experienced Annual Report project managers we were able to select the right photography, guide the client in best practice corporate report design and liaise efficiently with their printer in Saudi Arabia – all to help them meet their deadlines and achieve the right outcomes.

Our work in 2019 saw us consolidate our relationship and working practices to effectively evolve the report and push the design further.

Thank you very much Andy, Sally, Clare and all the Blackwood staff who worked on this vital project. During the course of this project, we have learnt a few new things and we look forward to working with you again in the future.

Dr. Waleed Ahmad J. Addas, Head of the Lives and Livelihoods Fund Management Unit


The LLF’s annual report fulfils a number of aims for the client. They now have a platform that:

  • highlights the projects that the LLF is involved in and the impact it is having
  • gives a face to the LLF
  • raises awareness of its aims
  • and attracts new donors to invest.

This project continues our work for clients involved in the crucial area of studying or improving human health and wellbeing. However, it also marks an exciting potential step-change for Blackwood: lifting us into the focus of some of the world’s biggest humanitarian organisations and decision-makers.