Little heroes, big results


When a respected charity for blind and visually impaired children and young people wanted to raise money for its ‘little heroes’, our corporate and third sector expertise helped to drive visibility, raise their profile and exceed their fundraising target.


The Royal London Society for Blind People (RLSB) supports thousands of blind children and young people across London and the South East to unleash their potential and live and learn so they can achieve the life they want. When RLSB decided to boost their fundraising, we took their ‘little heroes’ concept and developed it into a campaign with big results.


This wasn’t the first project that we’d worked for the RLSB on. Our working relationship had begun back in 2012 when we worked on a newsletter for them, which was followed by a residential prospectus, then DM campaigns and services packs.

When they approached us about this project they’d already evolved a new brand and a ‘little heroes’ idea. Now they were keen to use these assets to drive their profile across the South East, particularly in the Kent area to raise much-needed funds for their projects supporting babies and pre-school children.

It can be devastating for a family when a young son or daughter is diagnosed as being blind, but the RLSB was keen to reinforce how blind and sight-impaired children aren’t passive victims of sight loss: they’re positive, active, completely normal children who have dreams and ambitions – hence the ‘little heroes’ idea.

Fired up by this inspirational message, Blackwood came up with a fun little black and white illustrated character to represent the little heroes sub-brand. This was something parents and donors alike would be able to identify with and it was complemented by new photography of blind or sight-impaired toddlers in active poses.

This campaign was to target London-bound commuters on the Kent rail network. So we developed colourful and intriguing collateral, including a folding z-card, travel wallet and leaflets which were handed out at key commuter stations at busy travel times. We also produced press advertising for various Kent publications, as well as on-board adverts in train carriages on the rail network and on key London Underground lines.

Blackwood took the same professional approach to this project as we take to any of our global corporate design projects: providing the RLSB with top agency creative and project management support to enhance its visibility – and therefore funding opportunities – with potential new donors and business sponsors.

The Little Heroes nursery appeal more than achieved its target by raising over £100,000 in 100 days


The Little Heroes nursery appeal more than achieved its target by raising over £100,000 in 100 days. Our ‘little hero’ illustration went from strength to strength, becoming the focal point for a number of successful campaigns run by the charity, including a Little Heroes Week which we also supported by producing fundraising packs for businesses, nurseries and primary schools. Little Heroes has become a permanent fund run by the RLSB, and our line drawing illustration now represents their Early Years programme working with children aged 0-5 years.