Making wellbeing matter


We created a user-friendly website and printed brochure to highlight the key findings of the latest round of the European Social Survey. In the process we created a win-win situation for the client.


The European Social Survey (ESS) is an academically driven Europe-wide survey into public attitudes and behaviour around some of the key issues facing society today. The client was keen to harness the benefits of a digital platform to convey the report of its latest findings into wellbeing across Europe. It also needed a printed version of the report.


Studies are inevitably dry, academic and content- and data-heavy, so the client was keen to develop a website that would be engaging and approachable, where it could provide the full content from its latest round of research. We were also asked to design a reduced version of the report for print.

We structured the site to be accessible and user-friendly with clear navigation. We took the elements of the existing ESS brand and developed them appropriately for this new channel. The European Social Survey is a fascinating body of research into the way millions of us live today, so we felt that a bespoke and thought-provoking illustrative style, showing the different types of people involved, would create consistency, interest and flow across the site. These illustrations, combined with interactive charts, maps and graphics bring the complex narrative to life, simplifying content, highlighting key points and revealing patterns.

A key factor in this new site – as it is in every site we design now – was the need to make it responsive, that is, able to be viewed easily on a device as large as a smart TV or as small as a mobile phone.

While the 28-page report that we designed was a subbed-down version, it used the same clear approach to structure, and employed the same illustrations to create a consistent look and feel across the different channels.

I wanted to say ‘thank you’ for a job well done! City and ESRC circulated a press release and did radio, TV and press interviews, so it was a great success.

Dr Lorna Ryan, Centre for Comparative Social Surveys, City University


With a dynamic website that they can now update, the client has opened up a new platform where they can provide academics and policy makers with the most accurate and current information.

Raising the visibility of its initiatives has helped the client to secure funding while making better use of their existing funding, opening their eyes to how an online channel can enable them to reach a wider audience while reducing their print costs.

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