Promoting a vital partnership


We’ve been producing the Islamic Development Bank’s annual reports for a little while now, and recently supported the Bank’s Reverse Linkage team to help raise awareness of their important programme.


The Reverse Linkage programme matches institutions from Muslim countries, bringing them together in projects to share thinking and experience so that they can grow or resolve infrastructure challenges. It also helps to fund the projects. This complex but far-reaching programme brings huge benefits to provider and recipient. It’s also a great story to tell. When the client approached us to create infographics about the programme, our powerful work was so well received, we didn’t stop there…


True to our working model, we kicked off this project with a research phase to explore the Reverse Linkage team’s communications channels and to learn about existing perceptions of the programme.

The client supplied 60 pages of information about the programme and its benefits, which we distilled into infographics on posters and leaflets, giving the basics about the programme as well as its benefits and key case studies.

We produced a folder to house these along with the annual report that we had recently produced for the client and which was to be launched at the annual meeting in Jakarta. Understanding that delegates would be attending from all over the world, and that portability would be an issue, we also put digital versions of all the materials onto a USB stick which was inserted into the folder.

The infographics were so well received that, when we learnt that these would be part of a presentation about the Reverse Linkage programme to be given at the annual meeting, we suggested creating a short animation that could be used in the presentation to explain the initiative and its benefits. This was a new setting for the Reverse Linkage team to promote their work, and animation was a brand new channel for the client.

Receiving the ‘green light’ from the client, we set to work producing a powerful and eye-catching short animation about the Reverse Linkage programme in English, French and Arabic. This was fully scalable for display on a big screen or on a portable handheld device.

Within a matter of weeks our animation had become the Bank’s second most viewed video on YouTube.


The infographics themselves, while being fully ‘on brand’, develop how the IsDB’s brand and colour palettes can be applied in a new format, helping to move the client’s brand along into more diverse applications.

The client has realised the huge benefits of the animation too, using it in a range of places since the annual meeting, including on YouTube. Within a few months of its launch, the Reverse Linkage animation had become the IsDB’s second most viewed video.