Protecting budgets, broadening audiences


Despite some tight timescales, we created a striking new site for the EBRD’s Law in Transition report.


The EBRD briefed us to create a new dual language microsite for their existing Law in Transition report as they were keen to reduce print costs and widen their audience. However, creating a website for a corporate report isn’t a case of uploading print content to web pages, it needs to reflect the way that people read content online. Blackwood produced a user-friendly online experience that picked up the styling of the printed journal and took it to another level.


We only had a couple of weeks to design the Law in Transition site, but the client had seen the website we had done for the Transition Report team at EBRD and they liked the structure. We took a similar approach, framing the content so that readers can choose how much they see. We’ve added footnotes as hovers, interactive charts and interactive bios. Readers can share individual sections via a wealth of social media sites and bookmark them so they can return later.

The Law in Transition microsite has all the functionality of the other reporting sites Blackwood has produced for the EBRD with less data visualisation and more imagery.

While we have used all the report content, we have added value by incorporating bookmarking and sharing functions. The result is an elegant and useful online tool for the EBRD team to use.

With short timescales for digital design, development and full population in English and Russian, we were under pressure to deliver – but deliver we did – on budget, on time and on creativity.

Andy Ritchie
Creative Director, Blackwood


The beauty of online is that, once a site is created it only needs to be updated. As a result, the client can update the existing site with new content and data on a regular basis. The Law in Transition microsite has become a living, working site, which will continue to deliver impressive cost effectiveness and brand loyalty over time.