Right channel, right time


For the EBRD’s Transition Report 2016-17 Blackwood has helped the client to explore a new channel and visual approach. The result is a bank of flexible, reusable assets with maximum impact.


A keenness to push boundaries has been a common theme in all the EBRD Transition Report projects. So, while the client still wanted a full printed report and microsite for its report this year, it was keen to explore the benefits of animation in showcasing the report and its key content.


Communication channels are constantly evolving, and the EBRD has always been open to exploring new avenues to create impact and reach a wider audience. With animation becoming an increasingly cost effective and popular option with clients, we were keen to recommend it for the Transition Report. The report is always launched at an event, and we felt that an animation would be the perfect way of unveiling it and explaining its key messages.

The animation we created for the EBRD Transition Report was stitched into a video that the in-house team was creating, and formed most of the two minutes of content. Created over the course of ten days, it replaced the printed digest created for previous Transition Reports. As well as being used at the report’s launch, it sits on the home page of the microsite, and has the potential to be shared across social media.

I wanted to create an illustration style that suited the subject matter and wasn’t too far removed from existing EBRD video productions. The resulting linear style could also be reproduced in-house if the EBRD team wanted to take it on for other related projects.

Jez Webb
Art Director, Blackwood

A second approach that we’ve developed this year has been the use of a new illustrative style. We’ve created a range of illustrative assets that form the main graphical elements across all the Transition Report materials. The illustrations are used to highlight statistics and act as chapter breakers in the 108-page printed report. They’re incorporated into the microsite’s headers, come to life in the animation, and can be seen on the banners, posters and presentation materials we designed for the London launch event on 8th November 2016.


Our approach to the EBRD’s Transition Report 2016-17 project demonstrates how we continually collaborate with clients to enhance and develop their communications and brands.

We ensured that the illustration style we created could be replicated by the EBRD’s design team. That way, the client can get the most value from their investment, while maintaining brand consistency. Working closely with their in-house team, we even incorporated their new brand cover design just before the report went to print.

By understanding how the client works and how it would be using its assets, Blackwood has shared expertise and added value, enabling the EBRD to confidently demonstrate the value of its Transition Report.

The impressive results are testament to the EBRD’s confidence in Blackwood, which gave us the flexibility to pursue new ideas and break new ground.

Clare Ritchie
Client Services Director, Blackwood